Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Period 3 -- Wednesday, 2/23/11

Today we will take another look at a couple of the current events affecting our world.

Open up a new e-mail to me. Put "Period 3 Current Events" in the subject line. Begin your e-mail with a greeting (ex: "Dear Mr. Ramin). Then, use it to complete today's assignment.

First, Chicago has a new mayor. View this short clip of Emanuel's acceptance speech at NBC5's website, then answer the question below in your e-mail to me.
  1. What does Emanuel talk about in the clip?
  2. What does the article tell you about Emanuel's background?
  3. What enabled Emanuel to win?
Then, we will examine the events currently happening in Libya.

Part 1: Background
Use the CIA World Factbook page on Libya to answer the questions below.
  1. Describe Libya's relative location.
  2. Describe the physical geography of Libya.
  3. Who is Libya's leader? Describe his relationship with foreign countries, especially the United States.
  4. Give a few facts about the people of Libya.
Part 2: Current Events
Libya is currently experiencing a revolution. Use the New York Times page on Libya to find out about this revolution.
  1. Briefly describe what led to the current revolution.
  2. Describe what has been happening over the past several days.
  3. Choose one of the articles below "The Protests" section. Type the headline for the article, then summarize what the article tells you about the current situation in Libya and/or the world's reaction to it.

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