Thursday, February 2, 2012

Brochure Project Requirements

By popular demand, here are your brochure project requirements. Remember -- the rubric (and the map game) are in the post below this one.

Page 1:
o  Include full color
o  Include flag of your country
o  The name of your country
o  Map of your country

Page 2:
o  Relative location of your country (using 3 landmarks)
o  Country’s capital, other cities

Page 3:
o  Pie chart showing ethnic makeup of country in percentages
o  Explanation of ethnic makeup

Page 4

  •  Symbols of religions
  •  Describe religious makeup
  •  Describe health care in your country (life expectancy, infant mortality, etc.

Page 5

  • Illustration of major resources/economic activities
  • Explanation of major resources/activities
  • Heading on the back

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