Friday, May 18, 2012

Q4 Exam Review Topics

Test format:
  • 120 points
  • 2 sections
  • Writing (DBQ) - 90 points (30 points questions + 10 points outline + 50 points essay)
  • Multiple choice - 30 points (SE Asia political map, document based multiple choice, course content)
Through the exam, you will need to:
  • Be able to analyze primary source documents, extract information, and include it in a structured response (Document Based Questions)
  • Be able to apply APPARTS outline format (Document Based Questions)
  • Be able to demonstrate mastery of 5 paragraph essay format (DBQ Essay)
  • Be able to correctly write and format a thesis statement (including a blueprint for your essay)
  • Demonstrate mastery of concepts related to urbanization and industrialization (DBQ essay)
  • Include information from documents and class in your DBQ essay
  • Demonstrate mastery of SE Asia political map
  • Demonstrate mastery of East Asian human geography (China)
  • Demonstrate mastery of SE Asian human geography
  • Be able to identify and differentiate the UN, NATO, and ASEAN
  • Demonstrate mastery of belief systems (Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Islam)
Extra Credit:
  • Read about the events surrounding this weekend's NATO summit in Chicago.
  • Print out an article and bring it with you to class.
  • Write a paragraph summary (minimum 5 sentences), including at least 3 specific facts referencing your article.
  • 5 points extra credit!

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