Monday, October 25, 2010

Assignment for Monday, 10/25/10

Hello class,

Today we'll work on your projects in the lab. You should have identified your topic and located an ancient source over the weekend. Keep your notes for this source on your desk. Remember -- you should  have at least a page of notes on your ancient source.

Today you'll work on locating a modern source. Start with the sources I've listed on the blog. Complete the following on loose leaf:
  1. Examine the modern sources listed on this site.
  2. Choose one source, then cite it using the format here.
  3. Take Cornell Notes on your source -- again, this should be approximately one page (or more). Don't forget to include a summary.
  4. 10 point homework grade
If you finish these steps, move on to your homework. You will be creating a rough draft of your two source annotated bibliography. This can be handwritten or typed. For each source:
  1. Correctly cite the source in MLA format.
  2. Create annotations following the directions here. Your annotations should be at least a paragraph in length, and must include a summary, assessment and reflection. Include those words in your annotation in order to make it clear where they occur. Remember: 1 sentence does not a summary make.
  3. 20 point homework grade.

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