Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday, 12/10/2010 Homework: Exam Review Questions

Complete the following questions for homework on the same sheet of paper that you completed the previous questions. The assignment must be on your desk at the start of Monday's class period.

14. What is the cultural legacy of the Roman Empire?
15. How did the Roman Empire spread Christianity? Why are so many Americans Christian?
16. What was the Black Death? Where did it originate? How did it come to Europe? How was it transmitted? Imagine the modern world. What would be the fastest way for something like the Black Death to travel?
17. Who was Charlemagne? Why is he important?
18. What is nationalism? How did this concept alter Europe's political makeup?
19. Name and describe each of the three levels of society. Then, give an example of each from the topics studied in Quarter 2.
20. What is a nation-state? How did nation-states affect Europe?
21. Who was Adolf Hitler? Why was he important?
22. Compare and contrast the British and Roman Empires.

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