Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday, 12/9/2010: Exam Review Topics

Topics for Quarter 2 Exam
50 pts. multiple choice, 100 pts. written
Review the following information in preparation for your Quarter 2 exam covering Europe and Russia. I will post review questions after this post.
  • Ch. 12-17
  • Europe + Russia
  • Map of Europe – countries and physical features
  • Landforms of Europe and Russia
  • Climate of Europe and Russia + causes
  • Greece (Athens + Sparta + polis)
  • Rome, how it became powerful, and how it ended
  • Levels of society – folk, feudal, modern
  • Spread of Christianity, spread of bubonic plague
  • Trade routes
  • Charlemagne, Napoleon + Hitler
  • Causes of conflict in Eastern Europe (specifically, re: Russia and WWI)
  • Why Russia became powerful, expanded
  • Importance of Siberia + St. Petersburg
  • Effects of Communism (Marx), Democracy
  • Command Economy vs. Free Market Economy
  • Difference between a political and economic system

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