Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Model UN Committees

When we hold our Model UN conference after Spring Break, your entire group will represent your country in the General Assembly. In addition, each individual group member will represent your country as a delegate in a specific committee:
Each of the committees has a link to its website. You will need to decide which member of your group attends each committee.

You will ultimately write a position paper to present to each committee. A position paper is literally just what it sounds like: a paper written to explain a person (or in this case, country's) position on a given topic. You will write your paper to demonstrate your knowledge of current and historical events of your country, the topics, positions of other countries (both allies and advisories), and justifications for the your country’s position.

Ultimately, you will turn in two final products on Wednesday, May 4:
  1. A typed position paper which follows the template below and this rubric.
  2. A typed, minimum 3-source annotated bibliography which follows this rubric.
Follow the steps below to complete your paper successfully.

  1. Examine the Position Paper Template.
  2. Examine the Position Paper Example.
  3. Begin researching and annotating information about your country's role in your assigned committee. Begin by writing a question you would like to answer -- ex: What does my country think about nuclear energy? What security concerns does my country have? What is my country's position on human rights? Use the research sites we have examined before to complete this. A recommended list is at the bottom of this post.
  4. Begin typing your annotated bibliography. Remember to record the exact links for each of your sources. You can find a review of the annotated bibliography format at the Purdue OWL.
  5. Begin typing your information into your paper. Follow the specific format provided. Begin by giving the background of the UN committee you are a part of. Then, discuss what your country's goal is for that committee. Finally, justify your country's position and offer some possible solutions for the problem.

You will ultimately present the information in your paper to the other students in your committee. You will work together to discuss and vote on potential solutions for the problem.

Recommended Research Sites:
If you are absolutely stuck and you have tried all of the links provided, you may be able to find an additional source. All outside sources must be approved by me.

Also, check your Y: drive folder -- I graded and made notes on your research sheet projects. If you are missing information, make sure you find it! It will help you in your final project.

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