Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Model UN

Today, we will continue learning about the United Nations and preparing for our project. You will represent assigned countries in the UN General Assembly.

To start out, we will complete some introductory research today. Even though you have been assigned to a group, you will complete the first section by yourself. You will need a piece of loose leaf paper. Title the assignment: "UN Introductory Research". Label this section "Part 1: Background". Complete the following questions under Part 1:

  1. In order to be part of the General Assembly, you need to know what it is. Read this UN General Assembly overview page. Using the information on the page, explain what the General Assembly is, define its functions and powers, and describe how it makes decisions.
  2. Why would countries want to be part of the UN General Assembly? What do they get out of it?
  3. Examine the front page of the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, or Washington Post. List at least three worldwide problems currently in the news. For each, hypothesize how the UN General Assembly could help solve the problem.
Country Portfolio
Each country has been assigned a folder under the Y:\Ramin World Geography folder. In order to find yours, click on your class period, then select the name of the country you were assigned.

You will save all work, research, and other assignments during this project to your country's folder.

Signature Sheet
Read and fill out the country signature sheet ("National Delegate Portfolio") with your group members. You can see a copy of this in your group's folder on the Y: drive.

Country Profile
With your partners, you will develop a profile of the nation you will represent by researching the background, economic system, and political system of your specific country using the resources provided in class. The profile should include the following information:
  • geographic location
  • physical features
  • climate
  • a description of the political system
  • form of government
  • demographic information
  • economic system and statistics
  • issues of domestic concern
  • regional or local conflicts
  • membership in major alliances and organizations
  • global issues that may have a direct impact on your nation
You will use the "Country Profile Worksheet" to complete this portion of the assignment. Open the document, then follow the instructions it includes.

Country Profile Research Sites
You can use any of the sites below to find information about your country. Don't be afraid to browse the sites and use the search functions. The first site might not be the best site!
  • All sites on the PSM LRC page
  • News sites we've used previously -- use the search function!
  • The CIA World Factbook

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