Friday, May 13, 2011

Extra Credit!!

For a maximum of 10 points extra credit (2 points per question), complete the following on loose leaf and turn them in to me on Monday. Remember: in order to receive credit, answers must be written in complete sentences.
  1. Who was Muhammad? What impact did he have on the Middle East and North Africa?
  2. Imagine that you are a merchant trying to travel from Spain to India to sell your products. Describe two different routes you could take to get there quickly.
  3. Could you say that the American presidency is a dynasty? Explain your response.
  4. Which of the following models for urban planning offers a more accurate depiction of the way in which the city of Chicago is set up: the multiple nuclei model or the concentric zone model? Explain your response.
  5. Describe the main beliefs of Confucionism, Taoism and Buddhism.

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