Tuesday, May 3, 2011

UN Position Papers: The Final Stretch!

Today you will have your final opportunity to work on your paper in class. Rough drafts are due printed and in my hands at the end of this class period. You must also save the draft in your country's folder on the Y: drive as "Your last name - Your country - RD".

Your final draft is due Friday at the beginning of class. Your paper must be printed and stapled before you walk in to the classroom on Friday.

First, open up your annotated bibliography. I will look at each student's AB today in class. Make sure it is saved to your country's folder on the Y: drive in the following format -- "Your last name - Your country - Biblio".

Then, open up your paper. You have the remainder of the class period to work on this today. I am happy to take a look at any papers in class today, but be aware that we have a limited amount of time in the lab.

Remember -- these should be 1 1/2 pages single spaced.

If you believe you  are finished with your paper, print out a copy. Trade your paper with one of the other people representing your country. Read your group member's paper and write comments/constructive criticisms directly on the paper. Remember -- you are trying to help one another get the best grade possible.

When you get your paper back, make the edits recommended by your partner on the copy you are saving to the Y: drive. Print your rough draft and turn it in to me.

If you finish early, or are simply waiting for me to look over your information, you may visit the NY Times topics page for Osama bin Laden. This page includes all of the articles produced by the NY Times about bin Laden, including everything related to his death this weekend.

For extra credit, choose up to two articles to read. For each, write a (minimum) 5-7 sentence paragraph summary. Include specific, important information in your summaries. Send each summary to me in an e-mail with "Your last name - bin Laden EC" in the subject line. Each summary is worth 5 points extra credit.

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