Thursday, December 8, 2011

Environmental Conservation in Africa

A ranger in Zambia surveys his park.
Today, you will have an opportunity to do two things:

  • Print your essay, staple it, and turn it in to me.
  • Work with a partner to investigate the culture and environment of an African nation.

First, PRINT YOUR PAPER. I will collect these 5 minutes after the bell.

When you are done, you may move on to work on the next part of today's assignment.

Environmental Conservation in Africa
As the world's population passes 7 billion people, there are few places left untouched by humans. Many people across the world are becoming increasingly concerned with the environment.

One of the greatest sources of concern for many people is Africa. Because the continent has such an incredibly high amount of biological diversity, it has become a focal point for environmentalists and scientists.

In order to apply our geographic skills to Africa's environment, each of you has been assigned a country to look at with a partner.

You will complete all work in an e-mail to me (one per group).

  • In the subject line, put your period and the name of your country (ex.: "Period 1: Egypt")
  • Start your e-mail with your complete PSM heading, including the name of each group member. Title the assignment "Researching Africa's Environment."
  • Include each of my bold headings in your e-mail. Number each answer.
Part 1: Basic Facts
Use the CIA World Factbook website to find out basic information about your country. Complete the following in your e-mail.
  1. Name your country.
  2. Describe its relative location (hint: use landforms, bodies of water, and countries nearby).
  3. Describe the physical geography, including any important landforms.
  4. Name the capital and any other major cities.
  5. Give the population.
  6. Describe the country's economy, including any major resources and/or industries.
Part 2: The Environment
Once you've gathered basic information about your country, you will examine your country's environment through the work of one conservation agency: The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). Complete the following in your e-mail.
  1. Examine the WCS "About" page. What is the WCS? What is its mission? Why is it important for us to know who produced this site?
  2. Go to the WCS "Africa" page. Find your country. Summarize the information the WCS gives about your country's environment. Include at least 3 specific details in your response.
  3. Give 3 environmental facts about your country.
  4. What threats or challenges face your country's environment? Be specific.
  5. Does the WCS offer a plan or response to your country's environmental issues? Describe their response, giving specific information about actions planned or taken.
  6. Name and describe any projects funded by the WCS currently ongoing in your country. You may need to click on an additional link to find this information.

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