Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review questions for Thursday's test!

  1. Where is Olduvai Gorge? What is its significance?
  2. Describe the relative location of ancient Ghana, Songhai and Mali. Then, describe the relative location of Aksum.
  3. Describe the reasons for the success of Ghana, Songhai and Mali.
  4. Describe the reasons for the success of Aksum.
  5. Summarize the reasons why each of the empires above fell.
  6. Describe the economic importance of the Red Sea.
  7. What countries would you find in the Horn of Africa?
  8. Describe the positive and negative effects of the Nile River on the surrounding countries.
  9. What landform forms a barrier between northern and southern Africa?
  10. What religion dominates North Africa's culture?
  11. Describe the relative location of the Great Rift Valley. Then, describe its impact on the land and people around it.
  12. Describe the Berlin Conference, then summarize its impact on Africa. Finally, argue persuasively whether or not the Conference had a positive or a negative effect on Africa.
  13. Define desertification. Describe its potential impact on people and animals it affects.

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