Monday, April 30, 2012

Should we trade?

US Trade Representative Ron Kirk meets with an
ambassador from India.
Part 1: A Meeting
Review your research with your partners.

  • Create a T-chart in your notebook. Label the left side reasons for. Label the right side reasons against.
  • Take turns sharing your research with your partners. Every time one of your partners says something that  falls on either side of your chart, add it on.
  • When all information has been shared, write 2-3 questions that still need to be answered in order for your group to make its decision.

Part 2: Statement of Opinion (A Thesis! Hooray!) (32 points)
Now that you've completed your initial research, you will create the first firm statement of your opinion. This is still not yet written in stone -- it could change based on what your partners say. Ultimately, your group will share one thesis.

Essentially, you are completing this sentence:
"The United States should/should not open trade negotiations with ____________________ because _________________, _____________________ and ____________________."
You may change the wording/format of this statement as long as it includes the basic information given.

We'll use this rubric to grade your theses.

Part 3: Working on the Final Product
You must persuade the government to agree with your argument. In order to do so, you will create a position paper which adheres to the following criteria:

  • Save your work to the Y:\Ramin World Geography folder in the correct location for your class
  • Name the file "Your Country - Trade Recommendation"
  • Include the each group member's name, as well as the complete PSM heading, at the start of your document
  • Title your paper
  • At least 5 paragraphs in length (Intro, 3 Body, Conclusion)
  • Includes a thesis statement modeled after the one above
  • Persuasively argues your position
  • Includes a 5-source Work Cited page (graded based on this rubric), following MLA format (you should have most of your citations already!)
Your rough draft is due e-mailed to me at the end of tomorrow's class period (5/1/12). It is a project grade, and will be based on this rubric (the same one that will be used for your final product -- Due Friday, 5/4/12).

Each person will also receive an individual project grade for his/her specific body paragraph based on this rubric.

Who does what?
  • Each person should research and write one body paragraph
  • The group should work together to draft the introduction paragraph today and the conclusion paragraph tomorrow
  • The group should work together to compile the Works Cited page
Tomorrow's Expectations:
  • Finalize rough draft, including conclusion paragraph
  • Analyze presentation requirements for Friday's class

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