Thursday, March 3, 2011

Exam Review Questions from Class

These are the review questions we completed in class today. Use them to study for your exam.
1.Where do archaeologists believe humans first evolved? Explain why this was an ideal environment.
2.Define desertification. Then describe some of its causes.
3.What landform dominates North Africa? Give examples from your book showing how this landform would affect people’s lives.
4.Name the N,S, E and W water boundaries of Africa.
5.Name the longest river in Africa. How could you best describe its size/length to an American who had never heard of it?
6.Explain how this same river limited the ability of Europeans to explore Africa.
7.Describe the relative location of the country you were assigned for your African Ambassadors project.
 8.What is a rift valley? Explain specifically what this is, then give the relative location of a rift valley in Africa. Finally, explain how this could eventually affect Africa.
9.Name the three ancient West African trading kingdoms. Describe what they traded, who they traded with, and what they had to cross in order to trade.

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