Monday, March 7, 2011

More Exam Review Questions!

Study, Study, STUDY!!!
Here are the review questions from class. If you just can't get enough review, there are additional questions below what we looked at today.

  • Define the following in your own words:
      Resource Curse
      Push/Pull Factors

  1. Name the ancient trading empire we discussed in East Africa. Describe what the empire traded. Finally, summarize how its physical location put it in a great position to trade.
  2. Why did North and South Africa generally develop separately from one another?
  3. What resources made Central Africa so valuable to European colonists?
  1. Who was King Leopold II? Where was he from? What was his significance to Africa?
  1. Identify the following people:
      Hosni Mubarak
      Muamar Gaddafi
      Rahm Emanuel
  1. Explain why the following countries have been in the news so much lately:
  1. Summarize the reasons why the United States might be interested in what happens in Egypt and Libya.
  2. Using the maps on p. 483, answer the following:
      Describe the relative location of the area in the Middle East that contains the most oil.
      Which areas in the Middle East are not mostly Muslim? What religions do they practice?
      Which country appears to have the highest rate of economic activity? How can you tell?
  1. Define “isolation”. Then, explain which two countries are isolated from the rest of the Middle East, what isolates them, and how this might affect those two countries.
  2. Define Apartheid. Explain which country it affected and how. Don’t forget to include information about Apartheid’s economic impact in your response!
  3. Define “colonization”. Then agree or disagree with the following statement: “European colonization had a positive effect on Africa.”
  4. What is the Suez Canal? Where is it located? What is its importance?

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