Friday, March 25, 2011

Reminders and Extra Credit

A woman wearing a hijab in a photo from CBS news.
For homework this weekend, don't forget to complete questions #2-4 on p. 515 in your textbook. Answer the questions on loose leaf paper. Have them on your desk at the start of tomorrow's class period.

Next Friday (April 1), we will have our test over Islam and the Middle East. You can expect to be tested over everything we have discussed so far, but also over any information covered next week. Topics include:
  • Japanese Earthquake
  • Middle Eastern Physical Geography
  • Middle Eastern waterways
  • Oil and the Middle East
  • Middle Eastern Political Geography (play THIS map game!)
  • The Libyan revolution and other protests in the Middle East
  • The role of Islam in the Middle East
  • The Five Pillars of Islam
  • Comparisons between Islam, Christianity and Judaism
  • (new next week) Israel and Palestine
If you've read all of this, now you can get some extra credit! Complete the steps below on loose leaf paper. Bring it in on Monday for 10 points of Extra Credit:
  1. Search for a current events article on Libya or Egypt using Gale Student Resources in Context, the NY Times (, or the Chicago Tribune (
  2. Properly cite the article following MLA format (as shown on the Purdue OWL website -- link on the right hand side of the page)
  3. Write a 5-7 sentence summary of the article. Remember to include specific information.

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