Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Postcard Prep Work

This postcard shows images from the islands
off the coast of Greece.
Finish the work from the previous post before you look at this one!

When you're finished with the annotated bibliography, it's time to start working on your postcard. You will use a template I created in PowerPoint to complete this section of the assignment. First, take a look at these documents:
  • The project rubric
  • You can find the template for the postcard in my folder on the Y: drive. SAVE THIS to the "Postcard" folder in your class file. Save it as "Your last name -- Greece Postcard". If you don't save it, you can't edit it.
The rubric tells you exactly what your postcard must include and how you will be graded. Here are the highlights:
  • The postcard is a 50 point project grade
  • It must have a front and a back
  • The front must contain at least two photos, a caption for each, and a postcard-style greeting (i.e., "Greetings from Ancient Athens!")
  • The back must contain a 200-300 word letter to a family member or friend (you can change the font size to make it fit the template) comparing and contrasting your ancient and modern topics using the information you got from your sources
  • The back must also contain the address for your friend/family member
  • The back must also contain an image where the stamp would go. Think -- what would an ancient stamp look like if one existed? Get creative here!
First, save the template in the "Y:\Ramin World Geography" folder. Find your class, then save it in the "Greece Postcards" folder. Save the file as "Your Last Name - Postcard."

We're ready to move on! But first...

A Note on Plagiarism: NEVER copy and paste ANYTHING from a website. This is plagiarism, and it is incredibly easy for me to discover. When in doubt, make sure your writing sounds like it was written by you. If your text does not sound like your writing, I will type a  phrase into the Google search engine. This will show me exactly which sites you may have copied from.

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