Thursday, November 10, 2011

Test Review Questions

  1. Name the major rivers of Europe. Explain their importance.
  2. Name Europe's major mountain ranges. How do they affect Europe (Hint: There are at least 2 different ways)?
  3. Think about Europe's landforms. What areas can we compare them to in the United States?
  4. What is the BEST definition for the word polis?
  5. What is the difference between Nationalism and Feudalism?
  6. What are the major Romance languages? Why are they called this?
  7. In what two major ways did the Roman Empire influence modern Europe? Explain.
  8. Name and describe each of the three main levels of human organization.
  9. What is required for settlements to move from one level of organization to another?
  10. Why did some Europeans think of their continent as a queen? Explain your response.
  11. Were Athens, Rome and Sparta "modern" societies? Explain your response.
  12. What is the proper format for citing a source?
Don't forget to study your map! You can find the Europe Map Game here.

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