Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Writing a Postcard and your TEST

Today you will finish your "Postcards from the Past" project.

First, make sure you've saved everything to the correct folder:

  • Save your annotated bibliography to the Y:\Ramin World Geography folder. Save it as "Your Last Name - AB" in the "Greece Annotated Bibliography" folder for your correct class period.
  • If you haven't done so already, locate my "Postcard Template" in the "Y:\Ramin World Geography" folder. Save it to your period's folder in the file marked "Greece Postcards." Save it as "Your Last Name - Postcard."
You will also need to print your postcard. You have two options:
  • Print in black and white at PSM for regular credit
  • Print in color at home for regular credit + 2 points EXTRA credit on your project. This could be the difference between an "A" and a "B" -- and is a GREAT way to improve your grade in this class!
The final project is due at the start of tomorrow's class period.
  • 50 points postcard
  • 30 points annotated bibliography
Getting Your Photos
You need 2 photos for your project. 

  • 1 for your ancient topic -- Get this from the British Museum website.
  • 1 for your modern topic -- You may use any of the sources I gave you yesterday. You may have to search a little!
The Back of the Postcard
Now you're ready to start writing the back of the postcard. Begin typing the text for the back of your postcard from the past in an MS Word document. You are writing as though you are in the past, trying to relate what you are seeing to something that is familiar to your audience (i.e., the Colosseum to Soldier Field, etc.). It should be approximately 200-300 words in length. 
  • Choose a friend or family member to send your postcard to
  • Place the address in the appropriate location
  • Place an image in the location where the stamp would be -- this should be something that illustrates where you would send your card from, just like a real stamp!
  • Begin writing your 200-300 word letter comparing the ancient world to the modern world using your chosen topic. Be creative!
Your written component should include:
  1. A greeting;
  2. An introduction to your chosen topic;
  3. The body, where you show the relationship between your ancient and modern sources;
  4. A conclusion; and
  5. The closing ("Sincerely," "Wish you were here," etc.)
    I have pushed your first test of this quarter back to FRIDAY.

    Tomorrow, we will meet in the classroom to review. Your test will include:
    • 15 multiple choice, including a map and a chart, covering Ch. 12.1-12.3 and Ch. 13.1-13.2
    • 15 multiple choice questions about Europe's political map
    • Proper citation format -- you'll have to follow the same format you did in your annotated bibliography!
    • 2 short answer questions related to a map
    • 2 short answer questions based on class content.
    The test is 90 points.

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