Wednesday, November 3, 2010

11/3/2010 Homework: The Midterm Elections

On Tuesday, November 2, Americans aged 18 and up voted in the Midterm Elections. In Illinois, two major offices were up for grabs: senator and governor. We will talk a little about the election results tomorrow.

For homework tonight, do the following:

Identify these four people:
  1. Pat Quinn
  2. Bill Brady
  3. Alexi Giannoulias
  4. Mark Kirk
On a sheet of loose leaf paper, write a sentence about each candidate. In your sentence, identify which position the person ran for, his party, and any background information you find. You may use newspapers, magazines, the Internet, and television news to identify each.

This assignment is worth 10 points, and is due on your desk at the start of tomorrow's class.

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