Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Destination: Russia!

Hello class,

Today we have two objectives: to discover a little introductory information about our next geographic destination -- Russia -- and to become familiar with a couple of important websites for geographers.

Providence St. Mel is looking to add a new destination for SOAL participants -- St. Petersburg, Russia. As the local experts in geography, it is up to you to figure out the trip details.

The potential trip would take place from June 10-15, 2011.

In order to help plan trips for students, you must use your knowledge of geography, in addition to the websites below, to find out information about this exciting new destination.

In order to plan properly, you'll need to use the websites below:
Use the sites to answer the questions below on loose leaf paper. Note: you will probably have to look through the sites in order to find the questions. There will not, for example, be an exact link which says: "This is what Americans need to have to enter Russia." Look around the sites. Find the one with the BEST, most complete information.
  1. Explain what is required for Americans to enter Russia.
  2. What is the absolute location of St. Petersburg? What American city does it share a line of latitude with (HINT: You may have to look outside of the continental US)? You may use the maps in your book to answer this question.
  3. Describe any health and safety concerns Americans might encounter in Russia
  4. What is the name of the money in Russia? How much is $1.00 worth in Russian currency?
  5. If one took $200.00 U.S. dollars to Russia,how much that would that equal in Russian currency?
  6. What will the weather be like, on average, during this time of year in St. Petersburg? How do the temperature and precipitation compare to the same time period in Chicago?
  7. Who built St. Petersburg? Why did he choose this location specifically?
  8. Describe the physical geography around St. Petersburg. Pay particular attention to the nearby waterways and the ways in which they have affected the city. Finally, explain how the region's physical features have proved challenging in the past.
  9. Take a look at the sights and sounds of St. Petersburg. What two places should a tourist make sure she visited while in St. Petersburg, Russia? Describe the your choices, then explain why you found them so interesting.
  10. Which one of the sights/landmarks in St. Petersburg seemed most interesting to you? Name and describe it.
This assignment is a 10 point homework grade.

HOMEWORK: Read Ch. 15.1 and take Cornell Notes. Due on your desk at the start of tomorrow's class. This is a 10 point homework grade.

BINDER CHECK ON THURSDAY IN CLASS. This is a 30 point homework grade. Check your rubric to see grading procedure. Your notebook should be complete and up-to-date with all Quarter 2 assignments. I have also e-mailed the rubric to you.

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