Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday, 11/30/10 Homework Question

Here are the video questions from today's class. These were to be completed on loose leaf paper and were worth a total of 10 points:
  1. What advantages did Russians experience under a command economy?
  2. What advantages did Russians experience under a free market economy?
  3. What characteristics of a market economy create differences between rich and poor?
  4. Will conditions for the poor get better or worse as people get used to the market economy? Explain.
You can find the video at this location if you need to review it:


Then, complete the following on the same sheet of loose leaf. Based on the information from the video, reading and class discussion, write a paragraph responding to the following question:

Why would the new, democratic Russian government want rich people to stay out of politics?

This question is worth 5 points. The assignment is 15 points total.

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