Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, 11/15/10: European Union Homework

Hello class,

For homework, read pp. 326-327 and answer the following questions on loose leaf paper. It is due at the start of tomorrow's class.
  1. Why do some people believe that Europe must unite?
  2. What was the initial purpose behind unification (for France and Germany, for example)?
  3. How could having open borders affect Europe's independent countries?
  4. What positives do countries experience by switching to the Euro? Negatives?
  5. What does the case of Joerg Haider tell you about the EU's effects on politics?
  6. What difficulties might the EU face in the future?
  7. Overall, is the EU a good or a bad idea? Explain your response.
This assignment is a 10 point homework grade.

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