Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Test Review Questions

Here are some review questions for tomorrow's test. Complete them on loose leaf paper for 5 points extra credit. Turn them in to the bin tomorrow before class.
  1. What landform served as the center of the Roman Empire? Explain why this landform was important to Roman civilization.
  2. Compare and contrast the effects the Alps have on weather in Italy and Germany.
  3. Describe the best route for a Viking warrior to take from his homeland to the richest city in Europe.
  4. How does a civilization move from a folk society to a feudal society?
  5. What is necessary in order for a civilization to reach the modern level of society?
  6. Define "Nationalism" and "Nation-State."
  7. Explain why the Roman Empire fell.
  8. What kind of government did Perikles want Athens to have? Why?

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