Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Africa Research Questions -- Tuesday, 1/25/11

Geographers --

If you were absent from class, or if you lost your sheet of paper, don't panic. The guiding questions for your research are below:

African Nations Research
Today you and your partner will visit the LRC to discover new information related to your assigned country. One of you will focus on finding information from a book provided by Mrs. McGrath. The other will spend your time using specific web resources – Gale Student Resources in Context and Worldmark Encyclopedia.
Your primary goal is to learn about your country’s history. You might find out other useful information, but focus on what has happened in the past in your country.
Complete each of the following in your notebook using your assigned source:
  1. Citation. Properly record the citation information for your source.
  2. History. In a bullet-point list, accurately describe at least 3 events which have occurred in your country’s past. For each, include the date the event happened, any important figures involved, and any other important information. This will help you tell your class the story of your country’s history.
  3. Leaders. Record information related to any important leaders from your country’s past. These could be local leaders, national leaders, or even individuals of international importance.
  4. Colonization. Almost every African country was colonized by a European country at some point during its history. Record the name of this European country, then describe your country’s history under colonialism and describe the way(s) in which it achieved its independence.
  5. Free Space! Choose any cultural, political, or natural topic from your country which interests you. Describe the topic, then give any important information related to that topic.
Your work from today is due on your desk at the start of tomorrow’s class period. It is worth 10 points.

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