Friday, January 21, 2011

Mapping the Bantu Migrations

Complete the following using the map provided. Your map must be in full color in order to be taken for credit (5 points color and attention to directions). This assignment is worth a total of 25 points. It is due on your desk Monday.
1.Title your map, including the years of the migration (1 pt.).
2.Draw the course of the Bantu Migrations using colored pencils. Use the map on p. 448 as your guide (4 pts.).
3.Create a key on the back of your map which informs the reader about any information shown on your map (4 pts.).
4.Draw in any major waterways present on the journey (4 pts.).
5.Fill in major vegetation zones (from p. 448) encountered by the Bantu (2 pts.).
6.Use the map on p. 421 to label the climate zones the Bantu might encounter (2 pts.).
7.Use the map on p. 419 to label any natural resources the Bantu might encounter (3 pts.).

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