Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everyday Life Research

Today's class has two parts. Part 1 will take us most of the class and will focus on a new source. Part 2 will focus on properly organizing all of the sources you have used in the past two weeks.

Part 1: Life in Africa and in the United States
You are a student in the United States. You expect your life to be a certain way every day. If you were to move to another country, you might find that people's daily expectations are completely different.

Today, you will examine what life would be like in your assigned country. It might be just like your life is in the United States. On the other hand, it might be completely different. Complete the following in an e-mail to me (one e-mail between you and your partner):

Go to the the PSM LRC Page. You may use any of the research sources on the lower left hand side of the page today. I would recommend the following sources:
  • Gale Student Resources in Context (login: psmlrc; password: psmlrc)
  • CultureGrams (login: 73-82792remote; password: bigchalk)
We will focus on Religion and Lifestyle today. You will learn about the ways in which people live every day in your assigned country. Use the information to answer the following questions in an e-mail to me (one per partner group). Name the e-mail "Lifestyle in _______, Pt. 2." Fill in the blank with your country's name. Be sure to include both you and your partner's name in the e-mail. The e-mail is worth 20 points.
Answer completely. You will ultimately use this information to show your classmates what life is like in your country. For each question, include the name of the source (i.e., Gale, CultureGrams, etc)
  1. Cite your source(s). Refer to the Purdue Owl link on the right side of this site or on the PSM LRC page for details. You may also find the citation information directly on the website you are using.
  2. What cultural events are important to your country?
  3. What religious beliefs do people have in your country? Compare and contrast religious practices in your country with religious practices in your community.
  4. Describe family life in your country. Compare and contrast it with family life in Chicago.
  5. What type of housing do people typically have in your country?
  6. What traditions does your country have related to dating and marriage?
  7. How large do families typically get?
  8. Describe the lifestyle of a person from your country based on the information included on the page.
  9. Compare the diet of a person from your country with your diet.
  10. Free Space: Choose any topic available on the sources you are using today. Fully describe this topic and give any information on how it relates to your life in Chicago.

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